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    Maximize Your Savings with FINAXIA and the TFSA

    At the house of FINAXIAyour trusted insurance agency in Quebec, we understand the importance of planning and maximizing your savings. One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is the TFSA – Tax-Free Savings Accounts. Find out how this product can help you achieve your financial goals while benefiting from significant tax advantages.

    What is a TFSA?

    THE Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is a registered account that allows Canadians to earn interest, dividends or capital gains tax-free. Since its introduction in 2009, the TFSA has become a popular choice for those looking to save money flexibly and efficiently.

    Advantages of the TFSA

    1. Tax savings: Earnings made in a TFSA are tax-free, which means you can grow your savings without having to pay tax on the income generated.
    2. Flexibility: You can withdraw funds from your TFSA at any time without penalty or impact on your taxable income. This makes it a great option for emergency savings or short-term projects.
    3. Annual contributions: You can contribute up to a maximum annual amount set by the government. In addition, unused contribution room can be carried forward to subsequent years.
    4. No impact on government benefits: Withdrawals from your TFSA are not considered income and therefore do not affect your eligibility for government benefits such as Old Age Security or the Guaranteed Income Supplement.

    Why choose FINAXIA for your TFSA?

    At the house of FINAXIAwe are committed to providing our customers with savings solutions tailored to their needs. Here’s why you should consider managing your TFSA with us :

    • Local expertise: Our Quebec-based team understands the specificities of the local market and can provide you with personalized advice to maximize your savings.
    • Exceptional customer service: We pride ourselves on providing quality customer service. Our advisors are available to answer all your questions and help you make the best financial decisions.
    • Diversified products: In addition to the TFSA, we offer a full range of savings and investment products to meet all your financial needs.

    How to open a TFSA with FINAXIA?

    Open a TFSA with FINAXIA is quick and easy. Follow these steps to start saving today:

    1. Contact us: Call our office or visit our website to schedule an appointment with one of our financial advisors.
    2. Assessment of your needs: During your appointment, we will assess your financial goals and recommend the best investment options for your TFSA.
    3. Account opening : We’ll walk you through the account opening process and help you transfer funds into your new TFSA.

    By choosing FINAXIA to manage your TFSAyou are taking a step towards a stronger and better protected financial future. Don’t let the opportunity to optimize your savings slip away. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your financial goals.

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